Empire State Maritime Alliance

The Empire State Maritime Alliance provides organizational and fundraising support to the historic and replica vessels operating on the waterways of New York. Its members work together to promote understanding of the importance of maritime history, and New York’s natural and man-made waterways to the emergence of the Empire State as a preeminent commercial center. Its activities include coordinating and publicizing public and educational programming involving historic and replica vessels, including the inaugural 2009 “Working on Water” Boat Tour.

Starting with the vessels participating in the 2009 WOW Tour, ESMA will gather and maintain profiles of historic vessels. Profiles will include vessel specifications and history, programming and photos. These profiles will be publicly accessible on-line and in a printed catalog. ESMA will circulate this catalog among waterfront communities, cultural institutions and schools, with the goal of promoting appearance opportunities in waterfront communities across New York State, with a particular emphasis north of New York City.

ESMA has created a web site for the 2009 WOW Tour and will expand it to include vessels unable to participate this year but expressing interest in the future inherent benefits of the Alliance.

Other goals of the organization include:

  • Working with other local, state and federal agencies to build a permanent funding stream to support vessel visits and programming statewide.
  • Seeking to provide members with group discounts for insurance and bulk items common to vessel operation (lube oil, paint, etc.)
  • Creating and maintaining a contacts and specifications list of host towns and venues, beginning with ports along the Hudson River and eventually cataloging ports throughout the state and bordering regions.

To contact ESMA, please e-mail us at info@empirestatemaritime.org

Contact: info@empirestatemaritime.org